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A Zannimoto is a type of automaton created by fusing mechanical components with living animal parts. They are found only in and around Haiti, having been outlawed by the Artificers Guild in the rest of the world. In fact the Guild urges the rest of the world to put an embargo on Haiti, because of the fact that they don't listen to the Guild's regulations.

There are many different types of Zannimoto; giant Bird-Zannimoto are used for transport whilst smaller Iguana-Zannimoto are used to deliver messages. In Port-au-Prince you can steal an Iguana-Zannimoto, but it will die quickly and can be sold elsewhere. Otherwise you can buy a similar otomoto from a local shopkeeper as it is illegal to sell zannimoto to foreigners; the only difference between the two is that the otomoto has no living parts, unlike the zannimoto.

Zannimoto can be a speedy mode of transport, but also expensive. Because it is against the law, Zannimoto transport is only available to and from Haiti;

A Zannimoto is also a trade good that can be acquired (stolen) while at Port-au-Prince or an Otomoto can be acquired from the Artificers instead. Should either of these be in your possession when you return to the Reform Club, the butler might put it over the bar (unless he likes something else better).

Seed Buy in Sell in £
1 Port-au-Prince Freetown 6600
3 Port-au-Prince Ponta Delgada 4900
4 Port-au-Prince Ponta Delgada 5600
6 Port-au-Prince Freetown 6700
7 Port-au-Prince Freetown 6700
8 Port-au-Prince Lisbon 6400