The Waterlily is a ship/submersible hybrid which travels across the Pacific Ocean between Yokohama and San Francisco, but can rerouted to Honolulu.

Events[edit | edit source]

After a wild storm blows the Waterlily off course, Captain Wicker announces the ship will instead head to Honolulu for repairs. Fogg naturally finds this delay unacceptable, and tasks Passepartout with inciting mutiny against the captain so they can steer the ship to San Francisco as originally planned.

Over the coming days, Passepartout appeals to each of the different factions aboard the ship (Christians, Shinto Japanese and Chinese) and attempts to turn them against the captain. He can also gain the support of the ship's Artificer (by appealing to her vanity or presenting the Artificer's Medallion) and of a fellow passenger named Madame Loretta (whom he catches cheating at cards but doesn't say anything).

The outcome of the mutiny depends on how many people Passepartout is able to rally to his cause. If successful, the ship will redirect back to San Francisco and Passepartout will be named the new captain. If unsuccessful, the ship will dock in Honolulu for repairs, leaving Passepartout and Fogg to find their own onward journey.

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