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Washington is a location in 80 Days. It is the capital of the United States of America, located close to the eastern coast of North America. With the right conversation choices Baptist Bible can be obtained.


South from Port-au-Prince by Hot-air Balloon.

South from New Orleans aboard the Piedmont Air-Line.


North to New York aboard the Piedmont Air-Line.

East to Ponta Delgada aboard the Paul Revere.


The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Wax Cylinder £73 4
Travel Items
Item Price Seed #
Driving Goggles £7/30d 1
Elastic Wallet £11, £9 1, 3
Hooded Cloak £53 3
Cowboy Boots £240 3
Stetson Hat £94 4
False Passport £91 4
Conversation Items
Item Price Seed #
Egyptian Cigars £20 1