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Warsaw is a location in 80 Days. It is the capital city of Poland.

Now under the rule of the Russian Tsars, Warsaw has been industrialised in the last half a century and expanded with considerable prosperity. Although there are some signs of rebellion and unrest, by the time of Passepartout and Fogg's arrival it seems to have died down - the dissidents having apparently being either placated or disposed of.


Passepartout can wander in the city during the day to meet a man with a Khodunki, an exoskeleton made in Novorossiysk designed to facilitate manual labour.


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
North German Express Train £ <1 10 0 None

Based on conversation choices, Passepartout may end up forgetting to pack "one of Monsieur's shirts" and lose the item Wool Shirts from your possessions. (Possibly other items might get lost this way - not sure if it's randomized or what happens if you don't have that item in your luggage at the time.)


Minsk - Moscow
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Belarus Express Train £ 1 2 16 Cold Weather
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Trevithick steam-carriage Car/Caravan £ <1 2 9 Open Road

Uncomfortable Conditions

Stockholm - Helsinki
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Baltic Ferry Ship/Boat £ 1 3 18 ?


The market in Warsaw is called the "Rynek Starego Miasta" (the "old town market"). Items that can be bought there include;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Zoetrope £44 4
Stopwatch £7/40d 4
Geometry Equipment £7/200d 4
Oil Paints £31 7
Scented Candle £26 7
Travel Items
Item Price Seed #
Pressure Gauge £3/40d 1
Travelling Cloak ? 1
Driving Cap £2/90d 4
Rubber-soled Shoes £4/100d 7
Ushanka £38 7
Neck Cushion £6/200d 8
Conversation Items
Item Price Seed #
Vodka £4/100d 1
Darjeeling Tea £1/100d 1
Ginger Tablets £3/80d 1
Item Price Seed #
Indian Shipping Timetable £2/90d 4
European Airships Timetable £2/200d 7
Ottoman Railways Timetable £2/200d 8