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Ulundi is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in southern Africa.

Ulundi is the capital of the Zulu empire and home to Emperor Cetshwayo. Rumor has it that is a sorcerer and possesses the ability to control automata with his mind.


Upon visiting the Emperor's palace, Passepartout will encounter many different animal-like automata with mysterious powers. Bheka, a bird-like automaton can read minds, for example, and Passepartout would do well to behave earnestly when the automaton fixes its gaze upon him. After the event, Emperor Cetshwayo will offer his airship for Passepartout to travel to either Antananarivo or Bhayi.


North-east from Quelimane by Shaba-Meli.

West from Bloemfontein by Zulu airship.

North from Nsenga on Thandi's car (the route originally leads to Lusaka but gets redirected)


East to Antananarivo aboard Cetshwayo's airship .

South-west to Bhayi aboard Cetshwayo's airship .