The Trans-Siberian Express is a train route which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok via Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Irkutsk, Karimskaya and Ussuriysk. Stretching across the entire length of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Express is the longest train route in the game.

Favored by the rich and the poor alike, Passepartout meets many interesting people on his journey aboard the train, including a Mongolian Princess named Goland who is studying to be an engineer, and a wealthy debutante named Roza who is having an illicit affair with a boy in the lower-class carriage, as well as one of the train's chief engineers and his bodyguard.

The Trans-Siberian can be sped up by talking to a man on board the "Gallant Rider" from Vienna to Warsaw, who will tell you that the Trans-Siberian can travel faster than a normal train because it has the ability to levitate with magnets. With this information, one can speed up the train significantly.

On the journey between Ekaterinburg and Omsk, Passepartout may be given a Balalaika and a Foxskin Cap, these are usually valuable somewhere in North America or Honolulu. Goland may give Passepartout a Mongol Sulde. If Passepartout meets the mysterious couple, he may be given the trade good Malachite Chunk.

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