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A copy of The Times referencing the game Hurgen-Jurgen.

The Times is an in-universe newspaper. Its headlines can be read by Passepartout when the 'wait' option is chosen aboard transport.

Headline Functions[]

All headlines read by Passepartout fall into one of several categories.

Hints and References[]

Some articles mention a place or person Fogg and Passepartout have seen on their travels already or are nearing, either referencing them as an easter egg or outright clearing up details surrounding them.

More vitally, some headlines will hint at how to find the conclusion of a scenario spread over multiple locations.

Travel Information[]

Some headlines mention transport to places Fogg and Passepartout have yet to pass so they know of it in advance, functioning much like a successful transport conversation.

Fogg's Progress and Wellbeing[]

At certain points in the game, headlines may discuss Fogg's progress on his journey, usually its beginning, near-end and the crossing of the International Date Line.

If Fogg is particularly well or unwell, headlines may also mention this.

Passepartout's Personality[]

Headlines may also mention Passepartout's manner or character. It can be presumed this is a result of a slow news day.

Generic Location[]

When they are no other headlines to present, a generic headline with the location the player is approaching is used concerning a topic not relevant to the game such as cattle influenza, refugees or coal.


The Times is significant in the story at several points.

  • Fogg is often found reading The Times by Pasepartout rather than exploring with him.
  • Henri de Blowitz and Dmitri are journalists for The Times.
  • The Black Rose is first mentioned in a newspaper found by the man robbed aboard the Amphitrite Express, the only time a headline appears in the game's interactive fiction section.
  • The Black Rose also planted a false story about her capture in The Times.