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There has only been this: cold that has not enough mercy to numb, wind that howls like a pack of wolves on the hunt.

Passepartout's journal

The North Pole is a location in 80 Days. It is situated in the Arctic Ocean and can only be reached from Smeerenburg via Ice Walker.


On the way to the North Pole, the Ice Walker is destroyed and the polar expedition is stranded for ten days, during which Fogg may perish if Passepartout is unable to find aid for him from the other crewmen. It should be noted that there are multiple events that can boost Fogg's health such as bribing or sneaking people onboard. Although extremely difficult, you and your master can survive without any help fron other people. On the tenth day, Ráijá Juho (who had previously walked away from the wreck into the snow and presumably died) comes to the rescue and brings the remnants of the expedition to Qausuittuq, the hidden city of diverse Arctic indigenous peoples.

As the majority of the council of Qausuittuq prefers to stay isolated, the city leaders decide to preserve the secrecy of the city's existence and keep Fogg and Passepartout forever. The next day, however, Madame Juho secretly arranges for Fogg to find the city's airship hangar and Fogg persuades Passepartout to sneak onto a ship. Passepartout then chooses an airship at random, bound for either Winnipeg or Gastown.

Having started an odd-numbered journeys around the world and choosing the airship on the left or an even-numbered journeys and choosing the airship on the right, Passepartout and Fogg will travel to Winnipeg, else they will travel to Gastown. (Before the Americas expansion, the left ship took them to Gastown and the right ship took them to Reykjavik.)


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Ice Walker other £700-£1200 24 days (including duration of stranding) 2 70 Arctic Conditions


Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Nenets Airship airship Free 2 days 10 21 High Winds, Cold Weather
Transport Type Price Days Cases Hearts Conditions
Nenets Airship airship Free