The Journalist and the Dancer is an adventure triggered when Passepartout encounters Dmitri in Minsk and concluded when he convinces Marina Poltavka to rejoin him.

Lovelorn in Minsk[edit | edit source]

In Minsk, prior to travelling aboard the Blue Flower, Passepartout meets Dmitri at a tramstop. It takes a fair amount of verbal prodding to get him to open up, but he can potentially talk about knowing dancer Marina Poltavka in their youth, back when she went by her real name, Leena Palkala. He expresses a desire to see her once more. To achieve this, Passepartout must tell Dmitri he is unsure about where he and Fogg will go next, then ask him where he would go if he had the choice.

Aboard the Flower[edit | edit source]

She can be found aboard the Blue Flower travelling from Novorossiysk to Tehran. When meeting her, Passepartout can successfully convince her to go back to Minsk by first referring to her by her first name, then telling her that although they only spoke for a few minutes, Dmitri expressed that he is clearly still in love with her. Otherwise, Marina will dismiss him if he pretends to have known Dmitri for years or does not mention what he told him altogether, and the adventure will end.

Should all go well, however, Marina will decide to instruct the airship's captain, her friend, to redirect the Blue Flower to Mount Elbrus in so she can get back to Minsk.

Secret Base[edit | edit source]

Marina provides the only point of entry to Mount Elbrus in the game. She resolves to travel back to Dmitri through the underground railroad. From here, she asks her brother, stationed at the base, to allow Passepartout and Fogg to travel by high speed airship to Ekaterinburg, Kabul, or Karachi as a thank you for convincing her to reunite with Dmitri.

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