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I thank you, whoever you are. You will be saved, I promise it.


The Indian Revolutionary is a scenario in which Passepartout is tasked with rescuing an anti-colonialist rebel by the protector of Rangoon, Manussiha.

Encountering Manussiha[]

Passepartout arrives in Rangoon and is confronted by Manussiha, a sentient automaton who protects the city. It admits it does not know Passepartout's purpose, and orders him to travel to Pangsau Pass to complete a mysterious task. All other routes close.

The Imprisoned Rebel[]

Passepartout and Fogg arrive in Pangsau Pass aboard a Garuda and meet the cold British Captain Chalmers, who boasts the infamous Indian revolutionary Surya as his captive, who he intends to torture for information. Passepartout realises saving Surya is his task.

Saving Surya[]

To successfully save Surya, Passepartout must send Fogg to distract the British officers. He must then observe the hut in which Surya is being held, and decide to light a fire to bring attention away from him using the gaslights he saw near the base's entrance. The fire begins to grow, and Passepartout should immediately go to Surya as Chalmers goes to investigate, freeing him. As the three of them leave together, the officers continue to try to fight the fire, believing Surya is still captive.

Passepartout can also fail to save Surya. He may leave Chalmer to torture and eventually kill him. He may also attempt to intervene by throwing an active grenade into the room where Surya is held captive, killing him before he can be tortured further.

Manussiha's Thanks[]

A garuda will snatch the group into the sky. If Surya was saved, the three of them will travel to Beijing, where Surya says he has allies who will help him recuperate, and the garuda will thank Passepartout with Manussiha's voice.

If Surya was not saved, the garuda will drop Passepartout and Fogg carelessly over Canton.