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The Imposter of Irkutsk is an adventure triggered when Passepartout and Phileas Fogg leave Prague for Odessa via the Cold Wind Blows.

"You don't know?" he demanded. "Then nothing happened. My wife is my wife, and don't tell her different."

Prague to Odessa[]

On board the Cold Wind Blows from Prague to Odessa, Passepartout may tell a man that he is travelling to Russia. If asked for a message, the man (Gregori) will tell him to find his brother, the harbour master of Irkutsk, and stick a blade between his ribs.


While exploring, Passepartout looks for the harbour master and discovers that he and Gregori are identical twins. The harbour master says he's from Prague and has no brother. At the hotel, Passepartout goes out at night and wanders to the docks to find the harbour master and his wife Sophia Lom. Passepartout realizes that the harbour master married his brother's woman and when he refuses to be silent about it, the harbour master throws Passepartout into the river.

Iron Ore Freight Train from Irkutsk to Beijing[]

Passepartout can investigate sobbing from behind a stack of crates to discover Sophia Lom. Conversation with her will discover that the Chinese shun all electricity and Urga is a holy place and that things are going on there. Flying things that the Mongols keep secret. Sophia Lom continues on to Beijing where she plans to find her way back to Prague.


Passepartout and Fogg can disembark at Urga, where talking to monks at the temple will discover a fast Garuda flight to Yokohama.