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The Finn is a character in 80 Days, a manufacturer of Bear-Hunting Armour and resident of Ekaterinburg.


The Finn has a grandaughter named Eija who thinks highly of his bear armour. He dedicates his life to his craft.


The Finn may be first mentioned by Eija upon encountering her in Helsinki. She will recommend her grandfather's bear armour, and advise Passepartout to purchase some for his journey, playing on his phobia of bears.

Should Phileas Fogg and Passepartout travel to Ekaterinburg and encounter the Finn, he will advise them on how to defend oneself against bears, specifically advising against punching them and suggesting instead to play dead in a dire situation. He will gift them some bear armour to sell in Colombo for an excellent profit of £7300.


The Finn is extremely skilled at developing armour and also has extensive knowledge about bears and how to survive an encounter with one. The player, through Passepartout's narrative, can dismiss him as a bizarre man who lives in his own world or a man of great ingenuity.


  • When Suvorov plays his prank on Passepartout (on a mode of transport only available should the Finn be encountered), Passepartout can state that he decided to ignore the Finn's advice about bears and punch Suvorov in the face, finding it 'surprisingly effective'.