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The Black Rose goes against the Copper Lily.


Stelle, also known by her aliases Estelle, Rose and the Black Rose, is an international thief, originally based in Europe, who can be met during the course of the Black Rose Mystery.


Over the course of the journey, it can be discovered that Stelle is the bastard daughter of Phileas Fogg and a maid at the reform club. The fate of her mother and her beginnings in thievery are unknown, but she became renowned throughout Europe and later beyond for stealing items of value like jewels and personal trinkets. She leaves black roses in the place of items she steals, which make her more distinct and notorious.


Stelle can be encountered in the Black Rose Mystery, beginning in the second playthrough of the game. If Passepartout meets her enough times and chooses to follow her with enthusiasm, the two can carry out her plan to find the hidden wealth of the Artificers' Guild, which she believes is suspended in a floating island in South America. If they successfully find the riches, Passepartout may abandon Fogg so that him and Stelle can travel the world together, or the two can part amicably.


Stelle is characterised by her cheerful resilience and determination despite the danger and dubious morality of her activities as a thief. She is daring and agile enough to evade capture again and again, also a symbol of her intelligence and adaptability, able to enter and escape new places constantly. She can be considered a bit flamboyant and dramatic, choosing to leave black roses in the place of stolen items rather than simply leaving as soon as possible, and takes pleasure in the notoriety she has. It is unclear whether she can be somewhat airheaded, just likes to mess with people, or both. On the Blue Line Ferry, she appears to be convinced Passepartout is Fogg despite any of his objections to the contrary.

Stelle is very critical of the Artificers' Guild, the driving force of her narrative, and does enough investigating into their activities to notice their flying reserve of riches, which fuels her vehement dislike of the Guild even further, perceiving high-up members of the group to be greedy and too powerful. Her resolve to rob them shows her interest in preserving her own sense of morality.


  • Stelle is a Latin name meaning 'Star'.
  • Stelle is not encounterable during the game's first playthrough. She can only potentially be met on even numbered playthroughs from the second one onwards.
  • She may be mentioned via newspaper headlines discussing the Black Rose's activities.
  • If Stelle is left after discovering the Guild's riches, she will be briefly seen again in London should Fogg's wager be won.
  • Stelle isn't technically considered one of the romanceable options in the game since nothing explicitly comes of her relationship with Passepartout, but some of their interactions can be considered to have romantic undertones.