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Tehran was a city of invention and artifice wrapped around ancient grandeur.

Passepartout's journal

Tehran is a location in 80 Days. Situated on the northern edge of Caspian Sea, it is the capital city of the Qajar Dynasty.


A newspaperman in Minsk suggests Passepartout to visit the city, as a Finnish girl resides in town, one Leena Palkala, who dances for a living has accepted a contract to dance there and is travelling there from Novorossiysk under the name of Marina Poltavka.

Conversation choices while staying at hotel can get you the trading item Broken Shard which can also be used with the nuns in Madras.


North from Astrakhan or Baku via the Caspian Sea Hydrofoil.

West from Istanbul aboard the Kamer-Taj.

From Baghdad via Rozière Balloon.

From Novorossiysk aboard the Blue Flower.


East to Kabul (via Herat) aboard the Kamer-Taj. The trip costs £170 and is comfortable for Fogg.

South-east to Bandar Abbas aboard the Little Beetle.

North to Baku aboard the Forlanini Hydrofoil for 520 pounds, if having arrived from Novorossiysk.


The following items can be bought in the market. Extra suitcases are not available for sale in the markets of Tehran, though if Passepartout ends up acquiring an item during a conversation event and such exceeds his current luggage space, an extra suitcase will mysteriously materialize in his possession.

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Astrolabe* £190 1,5,7
Persian Pottery* £150 3
Handwoven Carpet* £230 4
Wax Cylinder £23 3,6
Leather Braces £4 4
Travel Items
Item Price Seed #
Railway Whistle £0/190d 1
Pressure Gauge £4, £3 1, 3
Monkey Wrench £3 3
Travelling Cloak £31 4
Wool Shirts 7