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The captain's not going to sell the ship! All I needed to do was try to shoot him!


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The Tea-Clipper is an airship that travels from Colombo to Singapore. The crew of the ship wants to stage a mutiny because the captain plans on selling the ship and moving in with his new wife.


Captain Goh tells Passepartout of his plans to sell his ship and live with his wife. The first mate, Ranuga, expresses her discontent with the matter, claiming the crew is her family.

Not long after, Passepartout overhears Ranuga and the crew staging a mutiny. But all goes wrong when a gun wrestled between the first mate and captain goes off and punctures the airship, sending it crashing into the sea.

Fogg is seriously injured and Passepartout is unwell in the sinking airship. Ranuga and Goh work together finally, and sure enough, Ranuhga's wife appears and rescues the group and the ship. They agree not to sell the ship and all is well between the crew once more, Ranuga and Goh's friendship restored.


The group arrive in Singapore on Mrs Goh's airship at the cost of a few delayed days.