The Sisters of Didacus are dedicated to the search of a machine which has a soul, and now we require your help in our search.

Sister Panimalar

The Sisters of Didacus are a religious order in 80 Days that believe automatons have souls.

Background[edit | edit source]

The sisters have an ideological clash with the Pope (who believes automatons are abominations) and the Artificers Guild (who believe automatons are tools to be used to benefit humans).

Role[edit | edit source]

The Sisters are first met in Nova Goa, where Passepartout may be given a Didacian Cross. After that they may be met in person in Madras where a nun, Sister Panimalar, engages Passepartout to help them find an automaton with a soul, and to acquire a shard of their control cube for study. There are several such automatons in the game; one between Timbuktu and Marrakesh (be sure to make your driver to Tangier go fast, otherwise the automaton's 'mother' will chase you down); one between Munich and Berlin; one from Izmir to Antalya. Additionally, if in possession of the Venetian Glass or a Cube of Black Glass, Passepartout may pass that off as the control shard instead, for which he will receive a Silver Chest as a reward.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Didacus was a Spanish saint who died in 1463. King Philip II commissioned a clockwork automaton of him who could pray. The Sisters call him 'the first automaton man of God'.
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