Sir Francis is a character in 80 Days, he is a blond-haired, thin-moustached colonial officer.

Fogg and Passepartout, meet Sir Francis on the P&O Liner Mongolia where he tells them of his plans to travel from Bombay to Calcutta on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. If they decide to take this route they will share a compartment with Sir Francis who tells them of the regions they are travelling through. The train tracks unexpectedly stops at Allahabad. Fogg and Passepartout can continue with Sir Francis to Calcutta on a Mechanical Elephant where they are captured by a Kali cult lead by Aodha and eventually released in Calcutta.

If Fogg and Passepartout arrive in Benares from Lahore, they can take the Mechanical Elephant to Calcutta and have the same adventure.

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