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We Signares are women of power and we refuse to be enslaved any longer.

–Delphine Rossignol

Signare Delphine Rossignol is a character in 80 Days. She is a Senegal revolutionary.


Rossignol employs her son, Captain Rossignol, as an airship captain. She is dissatisfied with the enslavement of Senegal people and wishes to start a revolution.


Passepartout, if he arrives from her son's airship, is immediately brought to Rossignol upon reaching Dakar. She accuses him of being a French spy and enlists his help in beginning a revolution. Whether he agrees to help or not, she attacks him with slow-acting poison and forces him to deliver a parcel to an associate in Timbuktu named Jeanne-Marie. All other routes close until Passepartout delivers the parcel.

However, if Passepartout befriended a rubber tapper in Tabatinga and agreed to deliver a Vial of Tree-Frog Poison to a "friend" in Dakar, Passepartout may deliver it to Rossignol, who is very grateful and lets him go without further hassle.


Rossignol is very hardy and proud, potentially using her status to lure Passepartout into completing her task to further her cause. Jeanne-Marie admires her also, claiming she has 'balls of iron' to go ahead and poison him.


  • Signare are women who managed to gain assets and status during the Atlantic Slave Trade's height.