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Mezensky and Jokinen searched the balloon for supplies, but I hid. She's my balloon, after all.

–Saloman Andrée

Saloman Andrée is a character in 80 Days. He is an Artificer frustrated that he cannot board the Ice Walker.


Andrée helped develop the Icewalker from the Artificers' Guild outpost in Tromsø. He designed the support balloon attached to the Ice Walker, but has been barred from boarding by the Guild because he doesn't like the Ice Walker itself. Vitti Jokinen suggests the Guild was concerned he may attempt to sabotage it.


Andrée can be encountered by Passepartout in Tromso. He will help launch the Ice Walker, but will express distaste for it. Passepartout may entertain him, or even offer to help him stow away on board by causing a distraction, an offer that Andrée will eagerly accept. If Passepartout does not extend the offer, Vitti Jokinen will separate the two, establishing their mutual dislike of each other.

Should Andrée stow away on the Ice Walker, several new options are added to the North Pole adventure. Passepartout can board the balloon with Vitti and secretly engage in conversation with Andrée, urging him to stay hidden. He can also worry that Andrée is the one responsible for the eventual destruction of the walker. Most vitally, Andrée can offer tins of food to Passepartout to help aid the sickly Fogg post-crash, having not been discovered yet.

Later, when the group are rescued in an airship from the sacred city in the north, Andrée reluctantly reveals himself to a furious Juho, but stands with the other Artificers when awaiting judgement from the council.


Andrée is a skilled Artificer, being responsible for the design of the Ice Walker's support balloon. His open distaste for the Walker along with his brash personality makes the Guild consider him enough of a liability to not allow him to board the Walker, however. He seems to only truly respect himself and his way of doing things, being a bit old-fashioned in that he prefers his balloon to the Walker, and also holds a grudge against most of the crew of the Walker.


  • Andrée is based on a real person with the same name. He tried to reach the North Pole in 1897, but crashed due to an air leak and died after three months on the ice. Vitti will acknowledge that setting off in just a balloon isn’t a good idea if Passepartout asks him why the Guild don’t try it, a meta reference to the real Andrée’s fate.