The girl giggled fetchingly, and gave her companion an exasperated if not fond look.

Passepartout's journal

Reshmi is a character in 80 Days. She is an Indian girl in Quelimane.

Background Edit

Reshmi is travelling with a companion, a girl named Razia. The two appear to be in a romantic relationship.

Role Edit

Passepartout meets Reshmi and Razia in Quelimane. He can flatter Reshmi, to Razia's distaste, and the pair will tell him about Emperor Cetshwayo. Reshmi will insist he is a sorcerer, claiming she knows because her aunt is courting a Zulu warrior. After their brief conversation, Passepartout takes his leave.

Character Edit

Reshmi is bubbly, cheerful and perhaps quite naive, a contrast to Razia's wariness.

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