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I saw for the first time the grand interiors of the Reform Club which had no doubt remained untouched since its founding some thirty odd years ago.


The Reform Club is a private gentlemen's club in London. Its membership consists of upper class men who are interested in progressive scientific and political ideas, but are still somehow oddly resistant to change.


The Reform Club is situated in Pall Mall, central London. It was founded in 1836. Phileas Fogg is a member of the club and attends with regularity.


Phileas Fogg returns to his London home to inform his valet, Passepartout, that he has made a wager with five members of the Reform Club that he can circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. The club is visited for the first time in-game when the circumnavigation is complete, with Fogg either returning in triumph, having won the wager, or in disappointment at his loss. A crowd of club members and journalists celebrate with Fogg and Passepartout if they win, and the club's butler places an item from their suitcase above the bar as a souvenir. If Passepartout has met Inspector Fix during his travels - Fix will be behind the bar on their return.

Fogg's relationship with the five Reform Club members he made the wager against is left ambiguous, with Passepartout choosing to regard them either as friends or antagonists of Fogg's.


Things the butler will put over the bar (ordered by his preference):

Other possible items: Balalaika. Balkan Dagger outranks Ferrotype. Ferrotype outranks Otomoto, and possibly Broken Shard and Natural Pearl.


  • The Reform Club is based on the real establishment that still stands in London today.
  • Unlike the original Around the World in Eighty Days novel, Inspector Fix is revealed to have been hired by the Reform Club members to lure Passepartout away from Fogg, suggesting they do indeed have underhanded intentions.