Rebel Flag is a trading item in 80 Days obtained by conversation choices while exploring Batavia.

"A red sword-and-circle flag, of the Sultanate of Aceh."

The rebel flag can be used in conversation on the Weeping Swan to avoid being thrown in the brig.

You can fly the Rebel Flag on the Reina Christina to go to Acapulco instead of diverting to Panama City. The captain will thank you when you arrive, and tell you of the routes to San Pedro/San Francisco and Houston/New Orleans so you don't need to explore and stay in a hotel to get the routes out. Note that the Rebel Flag is left on the ship when you leave.

Should you have this in your possession when you return to the Reform Club, the butler might put it over the mantlepiece (unless he likes something else better).

Seed Buy in Sell in £
1 Batavia Pyongyang 2000
2 Batavia Auckland 1600
5 Batavia Pyongyang 1900
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