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This ship is my home. I cannot let her go, even if her captain can.


Ranuga is a character in 80 Days, the first mate of the Tea-Clipper.


Ranuga has family aboard the ship, but is close to all of the crew. She is extremely unhappy with Captain Goh's intentions to sell the ship.


Passepartout overhears Ranuga and the crew staging a mutiny. But all goes wrong when a gun wrestled between the first mate and captain goes off and punctures the airship, sending it crashing into the sea.

Fogg is seriously injured and Passepartout is unwell in the sinking airship. Ranuga and Goh work together finally, and sure enough, Ranuhga's wife appears and rescues the group and the ship. They agree not to sell the ship and all is well between the crew once more, Ranuga and Goh's friendship restored.


Ranuga is stubborn and determined, taking the initiative to stage a mutiny by harvesting the crew's discontent. She is close friends with Goh, but let her will to keep the Clipper overtake their friendship briefly.