Queen Ranavalona II is a character in 80 Days. She is the Queen of Madagascar and the only known Artificer to hold a position of political power, which is usually against the Guild's creed. Most often she can be found in her nation's capital, Antananarivo, where she rules the country from. A good friend of Emperor Cetshwayo and an ally of the Zulu Federation, she is known to be a great inventor and is rumored to have one of the most advanced airships in the world.

Should Phileas Fogg and Passepartout meet Emperor Cetshwayo of the Zulu Federation in Ulundi and tell him about their wager he will offer them passage to a destination of their choice; if they ask to go to Antananarivo, Cetshwayo will tell them of how he is friends with the Queen of Madagascar and then call her up to arrange a meeting upon their arrival. After landing in Antananarivo there doesn't seem to be any sign of the Queen, and eventually Phileas Fogg suggests leaving. Waiting a little more will result in Queen Ranavalona II coming to meet the pair in person and bring them back to her palace. There she will talk of her alliance with Cetshwayo and how their ambition cannot be contained, before offering a way to Rangoon in the form of her personal airship, the Maminirina; a highly advanced airship that proves at least some of the rumors about the Artificer Queen are true.

The airship proves to be extremely fast and Fogg is pleased with the progress they're making, but Passepartout can discover something about the captain of their vessel that comes as a surprise to him, to put it lightly. Captain Maminirina, evidently the namesake of the ship, is not only their captain but also a part of the ship itself, able to control the airship and all of its inner workings using nothing but her body. Passepartout is at first horrified to discover the woman this way, her body crisscrossed with wires, but she explains that it was her own choice to do this to herself as she wanted to be of service to her Queen and be the first of her kind, implying that the Artificer Queen sees these human-ship hybrids as the airships of the future.

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