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Prague is a location in 80 Days.

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"Standing beneath the Astronomical Clock in Prague's bustling square, it was easy to believe we were standing in the centre of a town of great Artificiers, all engaged in creating wondrous works and mechanical marvels."


You can get to Prague from Berlin by exploring and talking to the man demonstrating engine noises. Challenge him to prove his driving skills (or flatter him) and he will offer to take you to Bucharest via Prague and Budapest.

Conversation choices while airlifted by Airship Pirates will change your destination from Berlin to Prague.


Conversation choices while exploring will open a route to Cairo on the Egyptian Buzzard.

The Ottoman Airship Cold Wind Blows travels from Prague to Odessa.


The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
.45 Calibre Rifle 36 3
Driving Cap 2 3
Pair of Galoshes 6 3