This was the top of the world, a place where few men and women had ever been- and yet there were still those who treated it as commonplace!

Passepartout's journal

The Pomor Hunting Balloon is an airship travelling from Tromsø to Smeerenburg.

Description[edit | edit source]

The ship, captained by Yana Starostina, is fully equipped with several large harpoons used to hunt the big game of the Arctic, including whales, walruses, reindeer, and even the occasional polar bear.

Events[edit | edit source]

Passepartout takes the time aboard the ship to wonder why Fogg has decided to head North instead of East. Fogg hints that the pair may take a 'shortcut' across the North, signalling the beginning of the Polar Expedition.

Starostina seems to take the journey in her stride, explaining she is used to being so far North and advising Passepartout to be careful in Smeerenburg.

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