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The Polar Expedition is a long scenario that involves Passepartout and Fogg partaking in an expedition to the North Pole, organised by the Artificer's Guild.

This article serves as a guide to the scenario with minimal spoilers. It only refers to events that involve choices with a significant impact on the story.

Joining the Expedition[]

Passepartout and Fogg must make it to northern Scandanavia, to trigger the scenario, riding the Pomor Hunting Balloon from Tromsø to Smeerenburg. Fogg only has one way to proceed from here, so you have no choice but to join him.

Upon meeting Saloman Andrée for the first time, agree to let him stow away on your transport.

Aboard the Walker[]

A Ruckus?[]

When Passepartout hears a strange noise from above deck, he should give Fogg a beeseeching look and then go and investigate! The following incident can play out however the user wants.

Whist Partners[]

If you'd like to gain Fogg's favour more, be very suspicious and protective when he gains a new whist partner, choosing to stay and watch him like a hawk, citing either cheating or jealousy as a reason.

A Detour

A few days in you are presented with several choices to spend Passepartout's day. Choose an option depending on your priorities.

  • If you are chiefly interested in progressing the main story, go probing for information and bribe a young navigator to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
  • If you'd like to cultivate a better relationship with Fogg or find out an interesting detail about his character, join him and make good conversation. Ask questions.
  • If you'd like to gain a good friend or potential romance, seek out the Artificer you met in Smeerenburg and choose the friendly or flirtatious options. Gain some points with Fogg in the process by mentioning that there is 'someone else' before things get serious.

Another Tiff[]

When a recurring pair begin to argue once more, interrupt them until one of them gets ready to punch the other. Jump between them!

The Ice[]

A Dire Situation

Stay positive and choose the optimistic thoughts. Use the help of people you've gained the favour of over your trip. 

If you want the 'bad' ending here, ignore all the favours and sit things out until disaster strikes. Otherwise, persevere!



When you finally make some progress again, choose to look for Vitti to continue the subplot you may have chosen earlier. Otherwise, look for Juho for more story-related dialogue.


Take the right airship to go to Gastown . Take the left one to go to Winnipeg

The Outpost[]

Reunion in Nanortalik[]

Board the Meteorogical Airship, from Ivujivik. Meet an old friend or end, ruin or rekindle an old romance. The last option can allow you to stay in Nanortalik.