The Piedmont Air-Line is a train route along the east coast of the United States travelling between New Orleans and New York via Washington. It is advertised as the fastest train in America, although this claim is somewhat meaningless as there are only two major rail lines in the US.

Although the name would suggest that the route involves some kind of flight, the Piedmont Air-Line is actually a perfectly normal train, apparently getting its name from its fast speed.

Events[edit | edit source]

Whilst travelling aboard the train, Phileas Fogg will arrange match between Passepartout and Charlie Sullivan, a professional boxer whom they made acquaintance earlier. Winning this match will earn you £2000 while losing it makes you £1000 poorer. Either way, Phileas Fogg will be entertained watching it.

Winning the match will earn Passepartout a special privilege of being served a breakfast by Phileas Fogg the next morning. However, the poor and badly beaten body of Passepartout makes him unable to bring cases properly, much to Fogg's dismay.

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