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Stay with me, and abandon his Queen, and his position? I love him because he is too honourable to do such a thing.


Lord Percival Thunnock is a character mentioned in 80 Days. He had an affair with Amru while stationed in Waltair, but was sent back to Britain in disgrace to avoid a scandal after the affair was discovered.


Thunnock is a Scottish peer, appointed the position of Commissioner of the British Residency in Waltair.

He met Amru when she served in the Residency. The two fell in love and began an affair. Thunnock attempted to ask his wife back in Britain for a divorce so that he could be with Amru, but he was instead sent back immediately and has not contacted her since.


Thunnock does not actually appear in the game, but should Passepartout explore Waltair, he can take up Bhanu on her request to help her and Amru write him a letter, the contents of which are not made explicit in-game.

The assistant commisioner has taken up his role. His wife, Mrs Leffew, is upset by his behaviour, crying and stating it must be to do with him being Scottish.


Little is known about Thunnock, but Amru emphasises that he cares about preserving his honour, hence why he did not stay with her, and admits to valuing this trait in him.