"The airship we found was truly grand: about the size and shape of a steamship but hovering in unlikely fashion in middle air. Yet it moved downwards almost delicately as the crew hauled the ropes to pull it into dock."

The Ottoman Geyik airship is a type of airship transportation which can be found around the middle east and parts of the Mediterranean.

Routes include;

Events[edit | edit source]

When taking the Ottoman Geyik from Tunis to Luxor or to Beirut, the service Mr. Fogg receives upon the ship is terrible and he tasks Passepartout with resolving the matter. Should he accept, the valet may be able to uncover that the wife of the Prime Minister (of Tunis?) is on board (but not himself) while they receive all the attention of the service staff. He has the option of going straight to the front cabin or slipping through the lower decks, with varied results depending on the choices he makes.

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