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It was one of many modern developments that had led to Monsieur Fogg's wager, of course, and so it was no coincidence that we should be aboard!

Passepartout's journal

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The Orient Express is a train route travelling through western Europe. It has two lines, one which travels between Paris and Istanbul via Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest, and another which travels between Paris and Sofia via Venice and Belgrade (although passengers cannot disembark at Belgrade).


Aboard the Istanbul line, Passepartout can meet a young composer heading to Vienna for a concert, a pair of Parisian ladies, and a foreign correspondent for The Times, Henri de Blowitz.

When travelling through the Alps, if Passepartout decides to go exploring, he meets a woman reading a newspaper in a bar carriage that is otherwise empty for some reason. The woman pays him little interest unless he manages to earn it. Otherwise, the next morning, to the valet's astonishment, the carriage has disappeared from the train, although upon talking to another passenger he sees that he is not the only one to notice its absence.


On the first playthrough, the Orient Express only travels from Paris to Vienna via Munich. The first play-through will need to be completed for the changes to the Orient Express to take place. During the second playthrough, the Orient Express will extend its line to Budapest, and on the third playthrough, the line will stretch the full distance, from Paris to Istanbul.