The Northern Lights was a shabby airship that had clearly been pulled out of active service on some battlefield somewhere, patched, and put into use for commercial passengers.

–Passepartout, on the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is an airship which operates between the cities of Copenhagen and Kristiania.

Details[edit | edit source]

The Northern Lights is not at all luxurious, having been converted from a military vessel into a commercial one designed to simply ship passengers from one point to another, and obviously hasn't seen much use by gentlemanly passengers such as Fogg, as evidenced by Passepartout when he states that they "appeared not to have had the least idea on looking after a gentleman passenger". The fare to board the airship is £140, and the baggage compartment can hold a maximum of three suitcases.

The crew of the vessel, as described by Passepartout, are a "Rough and ready sort", not seeking to actively pamper travelers, rather just catering to the needs of the vessel itself. The crew partake in an entertaining verbal game known simply as "Hurgen-Jurgen", of which the aim is to say "Hurgen" until another person says "Jurgen", winning the game. Passepartout can join the sailors in their game, or ignore it since it isn't played for money. If one chooses to play the game, do be cautious not to say "Jurgen" as the first word every round, as this is an misunderstanding of the spirit of the game. It does seem to be based around chance, guessing when one might say "Jurgen" while pondering on when one should say "Jurgen", themselves.

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