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That is very nice to hear. But I would have sooner left you two than her.


Namgar is a character in 80 Days. She is a traveller with the Mongol Caravan.


Namgar resides in Siberia. She has an extensive family, including her younger brother Byambyn.


Byambyn offers to take Passepartout and Phileas Fogg with his caravan headed for Urga, potentially helping Passepartout reunite with Goland, which Namgar is already part of. She travels with their family to visit relatives along the Selenga river.

Along the way, the group meet escaped convict Veruschka. Namgar fights fiercely in favour of helping her despite Byambyn's fear of being caught with her by the Cossacks, even remarking that she'd sooner leave Passepartout and Fogg behind than her. The group can smuggle her into the city or leave her outside to fend for herself once more, after which Namgar and her family bid Passepartout and Fogg farewell.


Namgar is shown to be quite sharp-tongued and high-spirited but ultimately empathetic, showing sympathy for Veruschka's cause and effectiveness at convincing Byambyn that she is worth saving.