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If you do not know why we Finns despise Russians, then that is another thing I despise the Russians for.


Mustonen is a character in 80 Days, an uneasy Finnish woman who rides aboard the Minsk Express.


Mustonen has a strong distaste for Russian people, which she cites as part of her Finnish heritage. She is travelling to Minsk when Passepartout meets her, for unknown reasons.


Mustonen sits near Passepartout on the train. He notes she is sitting protectively, her bag clutched tightly on her lap and wincing at every movement on the train. If Passepartout inquires about this, she will claim she doesn't like trains, since most are built by Russians, who she does not trust. Passepartout will note that many Finns don't seem to like Russians, and she will point out that people not widely knowing Russia and FInland's relationship is another reason to hate Russians.

Passepartout can then either choose to leave her be or discuss his journey with her, and she will provide some helpful information if spoken to, such as revealing the outbreak of cholera in Manila. He doesn't know how she knows these things, however, and the two part at Minsk.


Mustonen is a extremely cautious and mistrustful, but knowledgeable nonetheless. She cites historical Russia-Finland conflicts as a reason to despise Russians.


  • Passepartout may compare Mustonen's sourness to fellow Finn Eija's cheerfulness if her met her on the way to Helsinki.