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The Moon is a location in 80 Days. The location is inaccessible and is only mentioned in-game.

Going to Moon[]

You can accompany Mr. Fogg on a trip to the moon. Here's how:

Go to Zurich (it is not available as a destination in every playthrough). You cannot leave Zurich as railway tracks are being removed and exported to India. After a few days of waiting in the city, Fogg will receive a note and throw it into the fireplace. The next day, you will meet a man named Ardan, who seems to be an old friend of Fogg's. He will take you to Tunis in his bullet rocket. There, he will reveal that he is building a much bigger rocket and planning to go to the moon. The launch will take place near Miami in a few weeks.

If you get to Miami you will find Ardan. He will take Fogg and you to the nearby island of Nassau, where the launch will take place.

Warning: Spoilers Follow

Midway through the launch, when the capsule stabilizes, Fogg reveals that the gravitational pull of the Earth is too strong and that the rocket does not have enough propulsion to get to the moon. It will crash into the sea and kill everyone unless something is launched out the back - lowering its weight and adding extra propulsion. Fortunately, the ship is outfitted with a small cannon that can do just that. Unfortunately for you however, there is nothing in the cabin to launch except for a person. The two engineers are too big and don't fit in the launcher, and Fogg expects you to go inside. Once you say your goodbyes (Fogg asks you to complete his wager if you can) and are launched, you learn that the capsule you're in has parachutes installed. You land on the water softly and a passing ship picks you up and drops you off at Ponta Delgada with no money. After sleeping on the street overnight, you can catch an airship straight to London - they gladly recruit you as a French cook so no fare is required. Once you arrive in London and enter the Reform Club, the members are at first surprised to see you without your master and refuse to pay out the reward. If you choose to tell them about your travels and explain what happened to Fogg, they are awestruck by your story and accept you having won the wager, ending the game. Or you could launch Fogg into the ocean but it wont do any good as the pull of Earth is still too strong and you also get thrown out, but you survive the drop. You continue to London masterless once more.

It is not known if Fogg survives or if Ardan makes it to the moon.


Michel Ardan and their friends' effort to reach the Moon was a reference to another Jules Verne's work, From the Earth to Moon,