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All lives are hollow. Unless we choose to believe in what we do.

–Michel Ardan

Michel Ardan is a character in 80 Days, a French adventurer and old friend of Phileas Fogg. Meeting him in Zurich allows the player to begin the From the Earth to the Moon scenario.


Ardan is a friend of Fogg's, though is unknown by what means. Prior to Passepartout and Fogg finding him in Zurich, he has developed a capsule that may launch him from Earth to the Moon and is considering beginning a launch.


After a few days of being stranded in Zurich, Fogg will receive a letter from Ardan telling him to attend a 'mysterious appointment' with him in Tunis, providing a route out of the city. Once there, Ardan will tell the pair about his capsule, and explain that he plans to launch it from Miami in the near future despite being uncertain if it will accelerate enough to escape Earth's gravity.

Should Fogg and Passepartout go to Miami, Ardan will invite them on board his capsule, the COLUMBIAD. The group will set off, but Passepartout will be forcibly ejected by the others when it is discovered that they need less weight to break the atmosphere. Passepartout is launched into the sea and Ardan's fate remains unknown following this.


Ardan is deeply invested in his invention, obsessed not only with the idea of reaching the moon but also the prosperity it would bring him later in life to remain intact. He is quite impulsive and chooses not to fully consider the consequences of his actions, something which rubs off on even the stiff-lipped Fogg somewhat.


  • Ardan is loosely based on the character of the same name from the Jules Verne novel From the Earth to the Moon. His character and background differs somewhat, however, most notably Ardan not being the inventor of the capsule in the original novel.