Miami is a city in the south-eastern part of the United States. It is important in the Moon story arc, where you meet Michel Ardan and may travel with him to Nassau.

Arrivals[edit | edit source]

Atlanta aboard the Western Continental Railroad, conversation onboard will give you the item Artificiers' Book.

Departures[edit | edit source]

Havana aboard the Sweet Estelle.

Market[edit | edit source]

The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Set of False Teeth 160 3
Smith and Wesson 6
Accordion 360 6
Stetson Hat 78 3
Pressure Gauge 13 3
Monkey Wrench 10 3
Perfumed Oils 84 6
Brazillian Snuff 250 6
Skyscraper Blueprints* 89 5
False Passport 84 5
Elastic Wallet 7 5
Buffalo Hide 230 5
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