We met the zealous young medical student on the outskirts of the city before midnight.

Passepartout's journal

The Medical Student is an unnamed character in 80 Days. He is a Turkish revolutionary.

Role[edit | edit source]

The student can be found taking part in a protest on the streets of Istanbul during the day. He steers Passepartout to safety, and can be taken up on his offer to explain his cause to him against the current regime. Passepartout, at the time, is still wearing his Harem Silks from his misadventure the night before, so the student appears somewhat infatuated by him and offers him passage out of the country in a hot air balloon by night.

Aboard the balloon, the student immediately take a disliking to Fogg. Passepartout can remove or retain his disguise, but the student seems to remain enamoured by him regardless. He asks Passepartout why Fogg doesn't treat him as an equal, but is unhappy with any answer he might give. When the pair leave, he remains amicable with Passepartout and not with Fogg, creating an awkward atmosphere.

Character[edit | edit source]

The student is intelligent and passionate about his cause, often described by Passepartout as 'zealous' and 'manic' but charmingly so. He believes people are worthy of being placed on equal standings, evidenced with his lack of respect for Fogg's treatment of Passepartout. He appears to be bisexual, being no less interested in Passepartout should he reveal his true gender.

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