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The elegant woman caught my gaze and gave me a little challenging wave. En garde, it seemed to say.


Marisol Esteban Carlos is a character in 80 Days. She is a traveller aboard the Catequil.


Marisol is considerably more vague about her origins than her companion Annabel Britten, perhaps because much of Annabel's stories are fabricated.


Annabel and Marisol compete with each other to see who can romance the gentleman Phileas Fogg first. Eventually they will come to Passepartout for assistance in their endeavours, and the loyal valet can either decide to be protective of his master and offer them no help, or give them hints just to see what happens. Annabel will attempt to flirtatiously eat strawberries in front of Fogg, to which he will retort by giving her a handkerchief to wipe the juice off her face. Marisol will respond in turn by asking Fogg to be her model as she draws him for her class, after which he will say that he prefers photography, briefly angering Madame Esteban Carlos and resulting in a very realistic and mildly valuable Sketch of Fogg for Passepartout to keep.

Eventually the women come together to determine that Passepartout is the one who is stopping them from achieving their goals, and they proceed to lock him the pantry for the rest of the day. Later it is none other than Phileas Fogg himself who frees Passepartout from his prison, leaving the valet to wonder how he knew where he was.

Upon arriving in Lima both Mesdames Britten and Esteban Carlos will be seen waving goodbye to Fogg, who does not look at either of them and in fact seems to blush. As they continue into the city Passepartout tries to decide what went on while he was locked away; did his master eventually give in to one of their tricks or, even, both of them?


Marisol is more reserved and frank than Annabel, admitting she is more interested in competing for the sake of sport than because she finds Fogg attractive. She is also quite elegant, and appreciates art, so she is briefly furious when Fogg claims to prefer photographs to drawings.