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I am the protector of this city. I know the whys and hows of every creature that passes through my domain, but your purpose is a mystery.


Manussiha is a character in 80 Days. It is a sentient automaton who roams the streets of Rangoon, guarding and protecting the city from those who wish to do it harm.


Originally it was nothing but an automaton toy in the royal palace, when a glitch in its shard apparently gave it the capacity for sentience and it soon set to work improving itself, cannibalizing the other toys in the nursery for parts with which to upgrade its own body. Eventually it grew to the size it is now and became the self styled Guardian of Rangoon, as well as a Buddhist. As the guardian of the city it knows the intentions of everyone who passes through, and it will not hesitate to track down those who wish to do harm. It is also the official Imperial Adviser to King Pagan Min of Burma, although it is possible it holds more power than being a simple adviser. It supports the cause of the Indian revolutionaries fighting against the British Raj, "advising" King Pagan to secretly fund their movement.


Passepartout can have a surprise meeting with Manussiha when the automaton's giant metal claw snatches the valet off the ground and brings him to the top of a nearby building. Manussiha will then explain himself to Passepartout, telling him about how he came to be the way he is before revealing that although he can normally see the intentions of everyone in Rangoon, Passepartout's are a mystery. Sensing something special about him, Manussiha will tell him to go to Pangsau Pass when he leaves the city for reasons unknown.

Upon arriving in Pangsau Pass and discovering what Manussiha wanted him to do (rescue the Indian revolutionary Surya from a torturous interrogation and execution at the hands of the British), Phileas Fogg and Passepartout must decide whether to save Surya from Captain Chalmers or side with the British and leave Surya to his fate. Succeeding in rescuing the revolutionary and bringing him to safety will result in a Garuda swooping down and speaking in Manussiha's voice as it confirms the automaton's suspicions that Passepartout is special, before snatching up the trio and flying them to safety in Beijing. Failing to save Surya will result in Fogg and Passepartout having to take the Garuda to Canton; while in flight the Garuda will open its claws and drop all the passengers' luggage, causing the loss of all items being carried in your inventory.


Manussiha is a powerful and sentient automaton who is deeply intimating but also very honourable. It resembles a sphinx, with a lion's body made of iron, a mane of cut rubies, and a remarkably human face of porcelain.


  • The navigator of the ship Western Flower boasts his telescope can see all the way to Rangoon. Passepartout dismisses this claim, but just before docking, he froze as if he saw 'something frightening' and closed the telescope quickly. He likely saw Manussiha.