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'Manama is a location in 80 Days. The capital of Bahrain, it is situated in the middle on the western shore of the Persian Gulf.

Since the signing of a peace treaty 20 years ago, Bahrain had been solidified under British rule, making Manama a very comfortable city for Fogg. Upon arrival, Passepartout is able to buy Darjeeling Tea from a local market.


Private Airship belonging to Dmitri Sophos from Beirut.

West from Riyadh by electric Farabi.

West from Luxor, via Osiris Line.

North from Baghdad, via Farabi


East to Muscat via Dubai aboard a fishing yacht; note that such a yacht may be forced by pirates to flee back to Dubai.

East to Bombay aboard the Hadeel.

East to Karachi aboard a Sophos Company Airship.

West to Riyadh; max luggage 2

Market[edit | edit source]

The following items can be bought in the market;

Trading Items
Item Price Seed #
Natural Pearl* 88 3,4,5
Can of Engine Oil 21 5
Leather Gloves 9 3
Driving Goggles 3 5
Linen Trousers 5
Panama Hat 8 4
Khaki Shorts 1 4
Salve of Arnica 8 3
Machete 6 6
Hooded Cloak 18 4,6
Driving Cap 3 6
Wind Scarf 1 4
Pair of Galoshes 6 8
Perfumed Oils 20 3
Vodka 4 3
Darjeeling Tea 3 8
Peppermint Tablet 4 5
Ginger Tablets 8 4
Caribbean Timetable 3 5
Canadian Train Timetable 2 8
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