The Maminirina is a copper-ship, the possession of Her Majesty Ranavalona II, who lends the aircraft to Fogg and Passepartout to make their way to Rangoon. Initially, the travelers can't seem to find the captain aboard the ship, and Passepartout decides to investigate the matter. He can find Captain Maminirina in the engine room of the ship. The human body of the captain is maimed, and her life functions are sustained entirely by machines, including her voice. She appears to be enjoying her alterations and having an airship for a body, constantly talking about the freedom and power that she possesses. She explains to a frightened Passepartout that she was not forced into this position, but rather she volunteered to be the first of her kind as a service to her Queen. Passepartout can sense the power coursing through the veins of Maminirina, and if he is willing to be tempted by her into a kiss he will experience what it is like to live as an airship and fly through the heavens the way Maminirina does.

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