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The Mail Airship is a mode of transport between Kabul and Omsk.

Passepartout and Fogg unlock the route after talking with Mr. Smythe, a British diplomat working in Kabul, who asks them to escort his 'friend' Lady Sybil from Kabul to Omsk.

Events[edit | edit source]

En route, whilst being checked over by customs officers, Passepartout learns that Lady Sybil is actually a British spy on a mission to marry a high-placed Russian official in order to gain intelligence, and has to choose to either turn her in or provide a cover story for her.

Alterations[edit | edit source]

Turning her in or giving her away will divert the airship to Moscow, allowing the player to explore some regions of Eastern Europe again, but at the cost of several days. Otherwise, they will arrive in Omsk at the cost of a single extra day.

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