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The Méduse is an airship which flies across western Africa from Dakar to Marrakesh.

The Pallas-type airship is captained by a Chaamba tribesman named Suleiman and crewed by a mix of Algerian and Senegalese. The captain is hunting Barbary pirates that operate on his route.

On the bridge, Passepartout can use the telescope to look north-west and spot a pirate vessel. If he keeps the information to himself, the route will continue as planned; if he tells captain Suleiman, the route will be diverted in order to catch them, ending up in Ponta Delgada. If Passepartout chooses to sabotage the telescope, he can choose to either pocket a piece or reverse a piece. If he chooses to pocket a piece, there will be a replacement part for the telescope. If he chooses to reverse a piece, he will be asked to look through the telescope. If he plays it cool, seeing nothing, the route will continue as planned.

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