The Louise of Sweden was a beautifully laid out ship, and she flew like a dream.

–Passepartout, on the Louise of Sweden

The Louise of Sweden is an airship which ferries passengers from Kristiania to Stockholm.

Details[edit | edit source]

The Louise of Sweden, at least according to Passepartout, is a beautiful vessel. The layout of the ship is well presented, and the vessel itself flies incredibly well. The fare to travel on the vessel is £100, and the luggage compartment can hold up to three suitcases.

The trip aboard the airship is largely uneventful. Apart from, if one boarded the Northern Lights beforehand, playing the entertaining game "Hurgen-Jurgen" with the first officer of the ship, nothing much happens when flying from Kristiania to Stockholm. One can choose to spend the time attending to Fogg, in conversation, observing the scenery, or, if they had boarded the Northern Lights beforehand, playing Hurgen-Jurgen with a French mimic.

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