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The Leyden is a Dutch submersible that goes from Batavia to Brisbane.

It is a modest ship, with room for three suitcases and crewed by five people, lead by Captain Rosencrans. However, en route Passepartout discovers the crew are actually gunrunners, smuggling weapons and gunpowder to Aceh where those loyal to the Sultanate are fighting the Dutch colonists.

Captain Rosencrans herself is an experienced smuggler as well as a deep sea diver, possessing an impressive collection of diving suits that she has collected over the years, some as payment for a certain job well done. Near Brisbane, she offers Passepartout a chance to dive in the Great Barrier Reef where he can choose whether to pick up a Coral Sphere as a souvenir.

If he decides to stay in Brisbane, Passepartout will run into one of the Leyden's crew members, who somehow broke her leg and was left behind by Captain Rosencrans to heal. She is terrified because the local doctor wants to amputate her leg, so she asks Passepartout to take a notice for a good bone setter to the Moreton Bay Courier to get published, which she believes is actually in Moreton Bay. If Passepartout agrees to the task, upon arriving in Moreton Bay and close to passing out from the heat he will be told that the Courier's offices are actually in Brisbane, and that he came all this way for nothing, not to mention he lost her notice on top of everything else. Back in the city Passepartout can either lie to the submariner about delivering the notice or tell her that he lost it and that the Courier is in fact here in Brisbane before leaving her to her fate. A headline in The Times later reveals that she dies in surgery.