I watched his eyes and saw a deep regret for ills that could never be undone.

Passepartout's journal

Kazem Shirani, also known as the Toymaker of Herat, is an inventor and former Artificer who runs a toyshop in Herat.

Background Edit

He was a member of the Artificers' Guild until the organisation found out that he constructed war machines to protect the Durrani Empire from the invading British armies. He appears not to have given up on his old job entirely, and hides something in the back of his shop. He also holds a grudge against Amulya Savarkar despite them previously being friends, the woman who helped the British war effort and was celebrated as one of the victors while the Toymaker was shamed and reviled.

Role Edit

Shirani can be encountered in Herat in his toyshop. He will reveal that he is still a secretive inventor despite being removed from the Guild and advises Passepartout and Phileas Fogg to find Amulya Savarkar.

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