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A Katana is a trading item in 80 Days. It is available for purchase in the markets of Yokohama. It is allegedly an antique Samurai sword with a razor sharp blade, though some locals such as Cpt. Hirosue of the Sugawara may question its authenticity, claiming it to be an item for tourists.

The Katana can be bought in Yokohama for around £150 (varies by seed)

It also plays an important role in the unfortunate incident (spoiler alert) which occurs aboard the Noelani from Yokohama to Honolulu. Warning: this weapon will be taken from you and not returned during the Noelani trip, so if you are planning to sell it, choose another route (if you cannot travel via Manila, you can board the Waterlily and fail to mutiny (see comments of the entry), thus arriving in Honolulu).

However, Passepartout himself seems somehow unable to deploy it in combat; he will not even be able to attempt to use it against the train-robbers of Omaha.

Seed Buy in Sell in £
I Yokohama Burlington 3100
II Yokohama Salt Lake City 3600
III Yokohama San Pedro 3300
VI Yokohama New Orleans 3400
V Yokohama Calgary 4200
VI Yokohama New Orleans 3300
VII Yokohama New York 3600
VIII Yokohama Honolulu 3900