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Kahwoka Othunwe is a hidden location and transportation in 80 Days. It is a floating village that is home to various groups of Aboriginal people and is accessible while travelling through Canada.

Events[edit | edit source]

Kahwoka Othunwe is mentioned on the Canadian Pacific Railway near Regina. Along the way, waiters will gossip about a floating village being spotted in the skies above Regina. It is not necessary to hear these rumors to get to Kahwoka Othunwe.

To visit Kahwoka Othunwe, Passepartout must explore Calgary or Regina. There, Passepartout will see a Cree boy being picked on by 3 First Nations men for selling whiskey. Regardless of what Passepartout chooses to do, he will be forced into the conflict and come across a Mystery Device dropped out of the Cree boy's pocket. Passepartout must pocket the device and board the "Crimson Thunder" airship to Toronto.

Along the way, a group of Sioux will detect the device and take Passepartout and Fogg to the Kahwoka Othunwe under the suspicion that they are Whisky traders. This will unlock the achievement "Aboard the Kahwoka Othunwe".

Once on the floating village, Passepartout and Fogg stand before a council which either finds them guilty as Whisky traders or not.

If Passepartout tells the truth to the council but his character is not stylish enough, lies to the council but his character is not skillful enough, or is in possession of Whisky and offers some to the Sioux leader en route to the Kahwoka Othunwe, then they will be found guilty. Passepartout and Fogg will then attempt to escape from Kahwoka Othunwe via a gyrocopter. If Passepartout fails to fly the gyrocopter, he and Fogg will crash into Niagara Falls and drift to Quebec City. This will unlock the achievement "Barrelling Forward!" If Passepartout manages to fly the gyrocopter, he and Fogg will quickly fly to New York.

If they are found innocent by the council, they will stay on the Kahwoka Othunwe which is heading towards Quebec City anyway. They will be dropped off at Quebec City after some delay.

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