Passepartout, did you say your name was? What a curious appellation!

–Jules Verne

Jules Verne is a character who appears at the beginning of the journey around the world on the Amphitrite Express , starting from the second playthrough.

Background[edit | edit source]

Verne was a French novelist, poet and playwright and author of Around the World in Eighty Days, the novel on which 80 Days is based.

His appearance in the game is a cameo that pays homage to his work being the origin of the game.

Character[edit | edit source]

Verne appears interested in Passepartout and his own journey and character, alluding to him being a character of his own creation. His dialogue mentions his dislike of romance being the centre of novels and interest in realistic, accurate fiction.

Role[edit | edit source]

Verne can be encountered if the player immediately chooses the 'converse' option while aboard the Amphitrite Express, having a brief conversation with him about routes and his craft.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first three conversation options will always be, except if you own the European train timetable from Seed 2, Paris to Zurich , Paris to Nice , and Paris to Amsterdam .
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